Monday, June 11, 2007

Artpath press

Here's a review of the art show in VT. I was very pleased, I must say, to have my work highlighted. Thanks again to the artpath gallery for the opportunity. Its a great little location on the waterfront in Burlington, Vt. I recommend eating at Henry's Dinner for breakfast or brunch while you're there.

Did I ever tell you that I appeared in a TV ad for the Burlington Savings Bank (now a Citezens bank). Yes that was my first brush with wild fame and fortune, I was about seven years old and shopping malls were still an amazing modern marvel to me. I think a whole 2 people recognized me. More people think I'm the actor on that show where the guy gets the newspaper that tells the future. If I knew what the guys name was I'd say it was me, then act like a real jerk, have a tony danza moment and unload all my pent up frustration. Then people would go away saying what a jerk that guy is. Does that qualify as identity theft? or performance art?

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